Michelle Spaulding, PhDSpauldingWebPicture

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mammals and Vertebrate Paleontology
Edward O'Neil Research Center
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4080
412.665.2751 (fax)

Academic Training 

PhD, 2011, Columbia University: Earth and Environmental Sciences
M Phil., 2009, Columbia University: Earth and Environmental Sciences
MA, 2007, Columbia University: Earth and Environmental Sciences
BS, 2004, University of California, Riverside: Biology and Geology

Research Interests 



  • Evolutionary history of the Carnivoramorpha
  • Osteological indicators of locomotor mode
  • Higher-Level phylogeny of Mammalia
  • Evolutionary transitions

  • Click here for a complete Curriculum Vitae (Microsoft Word, 67 Kb)




    Selected Publications 

    In Press

  • Spaulding, M., and Flynn, J.J. Phylogeny of the Carnivoramorpha: The impact of postcranial characters. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. Accepted May 2011.
  • 2010

  • Spaulding, M., Flynn, J.J., and Stucky, R.K. 2010. A new basal carnivoramorphan (Mammalia) from the 'Bridger B' (Black's Fork member, Bridger Formation, Bridgerian Nalma, middle Eocene) of Wyoming, USA. Palaeontology 53(4):815-832. E-print (776 Kb PDF)
  • Flynn, J.J., Finarelli, J.A., and Spaulding, M. 2010. Phylogeny of the Carnivora and Carnivoramorpha, and the use of the fossil record to enhance understanding of evolutionary transformations. In: A. Goswami and A. Friscia (eds.), Carnivoran Evolution: New Views on Phylogeny, Form, and Function. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 25-63.


  • Spaulding M., O'Leary M.A., and Gatesy, J. 2009. Relationships of Cetacea (Artiodactyla) among mammals: Increased taxon sampling alters interpretations of key fossils and character evolution. PLoS ONE 4:e7062. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007062:1-14.
  • Spaulding, M., and Flynn, J.J. 2009. Anatomy of the postcranial skeleton of 'Miacis' uintensis (Mammalia: Carnivoramorpha). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 29:1212–1223. E-print (1.2 Mb PDF)
  • McGowen M.R., Spaulding, M., and Gatesy, J. 2009. Divergence date estimation and a comprehensive molecular tree of extant cetaceans. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53(3): 891-906.
  • Nesbitt, S.J., Turner, A.H., Spaulding, M., Conrad, J.L., and Norell, M.A. 2009. The theropod furcula. Journal of Morphology 270(7):856-879.