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Below are selected media pieces in which research and programming at Carnegie Museum of Natural History have been featured. These links open in a new window.

Nautilus, 12/26/13
The Termite and the Architect

Tribune-Review, 10/6/13
Carnegie staffers build on the bones of the past

WQED's Pittsburgh 360°, 10/3/13
PITTSBURGH 360° featuring Roads of Arabia

Tribune-Review, 9/17/13
Illustrator enjoys capturing the natural world

Inside Science TV, 9/12/13
Variety is Key for Longest-Living Trees

The Tartan, 8/26/13
Museum visitors travel the Roads of Arabia

Essential Pittsburgh, WESA FM, 7/25/13
A Season for Bigger, Badder Poison Ivy

The Atlantic, 7/11/13
Surveilling the Birds

KDKA-TV News, 6/21/13
Lost Kingdoms Exhibit Opens At Carnegie Museum

BBC News, 6/5/13
Carnegie paleontologist part of team that discovered oldest-known primate

Science, 6/4/12
An Asian Origin for Human Ancestors?

The Allegheny Front, 4/17/12
Early Bird Arrivals May Tell Us Something About Climate Change

WQED, 1/23/12
Sue McLaren was featured on the Experience series documentary on white-nose syndrome in bats. The program is available in its entirety for on-demand viewing on the station's website. To view, go to and navigate to the Experience for the link to watch it. (Experience is the series title. The Race to Save Pennsylvania's Bats is the individual program title.)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/13/11
Too Many People? Discuss.

Beaver County Times Online, 10/15/11
Kids get a chance to learn the ABCs of a museum

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/14/11
(Fourth letter on page) Letters to the Editor: A World-class Visit

Youtube, 6/3/11
Carnegie Museum's legendary paleontologist Mary Dawson featured in new video about discoveries in the Artic

ScienceNOW, 5/19/11
Mammals' Big Brains Began With a Sniff, 5/4/11
Forecsat Calls for More Stinkbugs This Year