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August 24, 2017


Renovated Cenozoic Gallery Reopens at Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Beloved museum space gets fresh look, more science, and new name­.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s exhibition hall about the Cenozoic Era will reopen this month with a new look, new features, and new scientific information.

Rebranded and renamed Age of Mammals: The Cenozoic Era, the gallery will reopen on August 27, 2017 and will invite visitors to discover more about the unique prehistoric mammals that lived millions of years ago.

 “The Cenozoic is a fascinating time period, and we are excited that the renovated hall will educate our visitors on the ancient ancestors of today’s mammals,” said Dr. Eric Dorfman, the Daniel G. and Carole L. Kamin Director of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. “Like all four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, our museum is always looking for areas to improve and innovate, and this transformed gallery space is a new entity for long-time visitors to rediscover.”

The renovation was made possible by a generous gift from Joe and Kathy Guyaux, who will be honored at a private ribbon cutting event at 10:30 a.m. on August 27, 2017.

Age of Mammals: The Cenozoic Era documents the evolutionary history of mammals over 66 million years. Highlights include specimens from the Pleistocene, including a fossil skeleton of a Columbian mammoth and skeletons of a saber-toothed cat, dire wolf, and giant ground sloth.

New additions to the gallery include a space to introduce visitors to the time period, new scientific illustrations that show what specimens would have looked like in their prehistoric habitats, and fresh paint and new gallery design, which bring a modern and exciting look to the space.

There will also be a new touchable exhibit that explains the evolution of horse hooves and new labels with updated scientific information about what scientists are now discovering about prehistoric mammals.

Also reopening with new signage and logos will be the adjacent Bonehunters’ Quarry, a popular exhibit where kids can “dig” for fossils at a recreation of Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

Photographers and members of the media are welcome to attend the hall’s private ribbon cutting at 10:30 a.m. on August 27, 2017. Please RSVP to


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