After-school Programs

Add some excitement to after-school programs, camps, or scout meetings!

Length of program: 45 minutes
Fee: $160 per session
Maximum capacity: 30 students
Adaptable for grades K–8
To register, call 412.622.3254 or email

Dino Roar
Explore fossilized skeletal remains and discover how animals from prehistoric times lived, ate, and moved. Follow up with a hands-on fossil wrapping activity.
Standard Connection:
3.1 Biological Science
3.3 Earth and Space Sciences

Rock It
Learn how rocks and geologic formations have changed throughout Earth’s history. Apply your new knowledge through a hands-on erosion and formation experiment using your own rocks.
Standard Connection:
3.3 Earth and Space Sciences

Egypt Explorer
Explore the world of ancient Egypt through artifacts. Make your own Egyptian paint. Create a story of your life in Hieroglyphics to share with family and friends.
Standard Connection:
8.1 Historical Analysis and Skills Development
8.4 World History