Science Adventure Classes

Customize your outreach program so it's just right for you. First, choose your topic, then select the way you want us to present it. Every program is designed to expand your knowledge with engaging activities and real or replica objects.

Program Details

Length of program: 45 minutes

Fee: $120 per session ($200 per session for the Rockin' Reptiles and Baby Animals topics)

Maximum capacity: 30 students/adults per session


To register, call 412.622.3289 or email 

Step 1: Choose your topic.


NEW! Baby Animals

Have you ever looked at a habitat and wondered what baby animal could thrive there? Investigate with us! We'll inspect three habitats and hypothesize which baby animals from our living collection could live there. Our baby animals will even make an appearance before the program ends! Baby Animals is available beginning June 1, 2017.

NEW!  Rockin' Reptiles

We bring live exotic reptiles to your site. Learn what they eat and how to observe them using real scientific tools. Get up-close to examine their amazing adaptations. Discover how they survive in the wild.

Adventures in Archaeology

Explore the past using authentic archaeological techniques. Find clues in the real and replica artifacts and interpret how ancient humans used them.

Let's Get Slimy!

Slip on in to the slimy world of snails using live aquatic and terrestrial snails. Exquisite shells from the museum's collection help you understand how these fascinating creatures are adapted to their environment.

Updated!  Dino Detectives

Exciting new replica fossils, specimens and activities help you explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Use your observations to determine who is an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.

Updated!  Rock and Mineral Hounds

Cool new rock specimens help participants read the story of Earth's past. Investigate the properties of rocks and minerals using scientific tools.

Exploring Ancient Egypt

Unearth the wonders of ancient Egypt by linking its art, architecture, writing, artifacts, and mummies with the unique desert landscape along the Nile.

American Indian Adventures

Go on an adventure to discover the richness of the native cultures. Explore traditional daily life and beliefs by interpreting tools, housing structure, and other objects.

Updated!  Fur, Feathers, and Scales

Compare and contrast patterns on fur, feathers, and scales in real specimens from our educational loan collection, and tie these observations to animal survival strategies.

Creepy Crawlies and Things with Wings

Look closely at the wonderful world of insects. Learn about their unique features and behaviors to understand why they belong to the most diverse and largest animal group on Earth.

Step 2: Choose your presentation style.

Science Stations

Students travel through four hands-on stations for one amazing scientific experience: Activity Station, Imagination Station, Data Collection Station, and Analysis Station.
Recommended grades: Pre K-3

Learn it! Do it!

Experience a dynamic fifteen-minute presentation on your selected topic and follow it up with a hands-on inquiry-based activity.
Recommended grades: 3-5

A Tour for You!

Enjoy an authentic exploration of museum objects. Expert Museum Educators will lead your group through a 45-minute “tour” of touchable artifacts and fossils. Great for senior citizens’ centers, libraries, high schools, and other facilities.

Inclement Weather

Should hazardous conditions result in cancellation of programs, announcements will be made on television stations KDKA, WTAE, and WPXI.