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At Carnegie Museum of Natural History, learning is an adventure like no other!  

Our world-class research and unique scientific collection are at the heart of your group’s field trip. There’s nowhere else in western Pennsylvania where your group can learn about science, nature, and world cultures all in one place!

Don't let cost be a barrier!

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Program Timing Price Per Student
Tour, Standard 60 Minutes $9
Tour, Extended 90 Minutes $10
Museum Quest Self-paced $9
Meet a Scientist 60 Minutes $14
Unguided Visit Self-paced $10.50
Add-on Timing Price Per Student
Museum Quest Self-paced $2
Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs  Self-paced $2
Earth Theater 20 Minutes Free
Lunchroom Reservation 30 Minutes Free

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Register early!

Field trips require four weeks’ advance registration. 

September–March Scheduling visits September through March has its advantages—more flexibility with program scheduling, additional support from museum staff, and a more leisurely experience in the galleries.

April–June is a prime season for school group visits. Book early to ensure you receive your preferred dates!

Group Discounts

To receive group pricing, you must have a group of ten or more and your visit must be scheduled in advance through the Group Visits Office. Smaller groups pay the ten person minimum. Member discounts do not apply to guided tours.

Contact Group Visits to arrange your visit. 

Pterosaurs Group Tours

Available January 30–May 22, 2016>br/> Recommended for grades 2 through college
$11 per student
One adult chaperone per 10 students is free. $15 per additional adult.

They flew with their fingers. They walked on their wings. Some were enormous, while others could fit in the palm of a hand. Millions of years ago, pterosaurs ruled the skies. Using the fossil record, explore how these flying reptiles developed flight, diversified, and spread across the globe.

Standard Connection:
3.1 Biological Science
3.3 Earth and Space Sciences


Thursday, March 10, 2016
Recommended for Grades 2–8
$20 per student

Who knew you could travel back in time 66 million years and be part of an exclusive 21st-century learning experience at the same time? Dino Discovery Day is special field trip day that features in-depth exploration of dinosaurs, paleontology, geology, and more.

Your school group will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Meet a Paleontologist
    Get the inside scoop on field work from a real paleontologist!
  • Spinosaurus Encounter! Show
    Ever wonder what it would be like to see a dinosaur in real life? Our museum experts guide your journey back to the Age of Dinosaurs as you hear and see this ferocious carnivore in action.
  • Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs
    This special, temporary exhibition draws on the fossil record to create breathtaking portraits of these astonishing animals, the first vertebrates to take to the air. Fossils, models, illustrations, videos, and interactive exhibits show how pterosaurs developed flight, diversified, and spread across the globe.
  • PaleoLab
    Peek in on PaleoLab—an authentic lab where specialists called preparators remove fossils from the surrounding rock (called matrix), clean and repair them, and get them ready for display or research. Try your hand at a demonstration matrix outside the lab.
  • Tour Dinosaurs in Their Time
    See dinosaurs like they haven’t been seen in 66 million years! Dinosaurs in Their Time features scientifically accurate, immersive environments spanning the Mesozoic Era—the Age of Dinosaurs—arranged chronologically and filled with actively posed original fossil specimens. Museum educators will help your students make scientific observations and uncover the secrets of these historic specimens in a special Dino Discovery Day tour!

Inclement Weather

Should hazardous conditions result in cancellation, announcements will be made on television stations KDKA, WTAE, and WPXI.

Field Trip PlannerField Trip Planner

Ensure a safe, fun and stress-free visit to the museum by downloading our Field Trip Planner. 

Accessibility: Features For All

Carnegie Museum of Natural History welcomes all visitors. We work to assist visitors with disabilities in obtaining reasonable and appropriate accommodations, and in supporting equal access to services, programs, and activities.

To request special disability accommodations for field trips, please contact Group Visits at 412.622.3289 or

To request special disability accommodations for special programs for educators, please contact Program Registration at 412.622.3288 or at