Homeschool Classes

Classes for ages 5-18

Meets five consecutive Mondays from 1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

January 23, January 30, February 6, February 13, February 20


Backyard Biology

Grades K-2 | Ages 5-7

From backyard gardens to urban woodland wilds, find out how reptiles, amphibians, and insects make it through each season! Compare the biodiversity of different environments represented within the museum to that of your own backyard. Hunt for insects and go on a mammal scavenger hunt. Veg out with plant pigment experiments and fruit and vegetable dissections. Use scientific instruments to discover that there is more to backyard biology than meets the eye—even uncover microscopic mysteries using magnifiers and a video microscope.

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Winging It!

Grades 3-5 | Ages 8-10

Take off on a flight-based adventure like no other! Learn about the evolution of flight and explore the ways humans continue to mimic nature’s flight path as we have taken to the skies. Conduct experiments to determine the most advantageous body-shapes for different types of flight and dig into comparative anatomy as you search for connections between dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and modern birds and reptiles! Delve the museums’ world-class specimen collections and meet with current museum staffers to learn more about flight in the natural world.

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Grades 6-8 | Ages 11-13

With cutting edge technology in your grasp, there is more to nature that meets the eye. Use high resolution photography to explore amazing details of insects. Cultivate microbes and molds, and learn about the amazing powers of the scanning electron microscope. Learn how to collect field specimens and hunt for microorganisms. Visualize DNA with cellular staining and gel electrophoresis, techniques that molecular biologists use to uncover biological patterns in minute detail.

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Intro to Nervous Systems

Grades 9-12 | Ages 14-18

Investigate how our brains and nervous systems process information bout the world around us and maintain autonomous functions like digestion, temperature regulation, and respiration. Examine skulls and brain structure in a variety of organisms to learn how sensory systems are organized. Investigate the biology of smell, taste, and innate behaviors in insects. Get an overview of respiration and experiment with pulse and breathing rate in different organisms. Explore digestive systems and strategies throughout the animal kingdom.

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Fees and Registration

Early registration before December 29: $115 (Members $100)

Registration by January 9: $135 (Members $115)

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