Homeschool Classes

Homeschool Programs

Our Homeschool programs have concluded for this school year, but be sure to check out our exciting and fun summer camp offerings for 2016!

Past Elementary and Middle School Classes

Meets Mondays, 1–3:30 p.m.
February 1, February 8, February 22, February 29, March 7. (No class February 15)


Grades K–2 (Ages 5–7)
Join us on polar journey to explore all things frozen! Delve into Arctic and Antarctic regions as you walk like a penguin and hunt like a polar bear. Understand how animals adapt to survive in sub-zero weather. Take a trip back in time to see prehistoric ice age animals. Make it snow and learn how water crystalizes. Conduct temperature experiments and play with dry ice. Explore the icy science of a frozen world!

Rock Hounds

Grades 3–5 (Ages 8–10)
Take your interest in rocks to the next level with this in-depth geology investigation. Examine rocks, gems, minerals, and fossils in the lab and throughout the museum. Take a rock walk and start a take-home collection of rocks and minerals. Explore the geologic processes that transform the face of the earth. Create your own experimental gallery to model the effects of magma on land forms, observe as lava flows into the ocean, and demonstrate how continents have shifted in the past and where they are headed in the future!

Secrets of Ancient Cultures

Grades 6–8 (Ages 11–13)
Decode puzzles left behind by ancient peoples from around the world and throughout history. Translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, interpret murals, and write your own secret messages. Delve into experimental archaeology through design challenges such as mixing rock art pigments, using stone tools, and testing pottery techniques. Extract DNA and learn what modern studies in genetics reveal about prehistoric human migration!