Academic Standards

Carnegie Museum of Natural History can help you address state standards.  

Our Group Visits pages reference PA standards for all Pre-K – Grade 1, Grades 2-5 and Grades 6-12 programs at the museum. Natural History on the Move Outreach Programs reference PA standards for all Science Adventure Classes and After-school programs.

If you teach in Ohio or West Virginia or are required to address national standards in your work, we can assist you in identifying the corresponding relevant standards for each museum program.

Connections are readily apparent between museum programs and a multitude of the academic standards for science & technology, environment & ecology, geography, and history. Less well-known are the ways in which the museum’s versatile teaching resources can enhance lessons that address standards for arts & humanities or reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Art teachers have long utilized taxidermy mounts from the museum’s loan program as drawing models, and in recent years, some English teachers have used archived news releases from the website for creative writing assignments. We will continue to share information about using the museum to meet standards, so if you and your colleagues develop effective lesson units that utilize the museum's materials, please let us know about them.