Electronic Journals

The Museum Library provides full-text online access to selected journals for onsite users. For a list of available titles, see the Electronic Journals page.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History staff and research associates are provided access to OCLC's FirstSearch, a search engine for bibliographic citations or statistical information. Some databases available via FirstSearch include abstracts or provide the full text of material cited. Contact the library at 412.622.3284 or for authorization and login information.


The Museum Library is a contributing member of OCLC and participates in the OCLC interlibrary loan service as a net lender. The Museum Library's OCLC symbol is QPE.

The Museum Library also participates in OCLC IFM service (Interlibrary Loan Fee Management).


Carnegie Museum of Natural History is a subscriber to BioOne, an Internet-based collection of electronic journals in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

For a list of journals available through BioOne, see Because Carnegie Museum of Natural History is also a contributing publisher, BioOne includes Annals of Carnegie Museum and Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Under the license with BioOne, anyone "officially affiliated or registered with the licensee," i.e., Carnegie Museum of Natural History staff and research associates, may have free access to BioOne resources as an authorized user—either onsite, through IP authentication, or offsite with username and password. Visitors may only have onsite access.

Authorized users may download, print, and save parts of the licensed material for personal use. Authorized users may not mount or distribute any part of the licensed material on any electronic or other data network, reproduce the whole or any part of the licensed material for any commercial use, or systematically make available or distribute the whole or part of the licensed material to anyone other than authorized users.

Please call 412.622.3284 or email if you have any questions about qualifying as an authorized user or authorized uses of licensed material.

Publication exchange
The Museum Library works with Scientific Publications at Carnegie Museum of Natural History to manage the publication exchange program.

This program enables the exchange of the museum's Annals of Carnegie Museum and Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History for journals produced by other museums and scientific organizations. Publication exchange programs are mutually beneficial to the staff and users of both institutions.

At present, the museum maintains publication exchange agreements with more than 530 exchange partners in more than 75 countries. Approximately 700 journals are currently received from these exchange partners.

To propose a publication exchange with Carnegie Museum of Natural History, please call 412.622.3284 or email

Staff services

In addition to building book and journal collections, the Museum Library offers reference services. Please contact the Museum Librarian.

Library tour

In 2007, Carnegie Museum of Natural History completed its renovation of historic Dinosaur Hall into Dinosaurs in Their Time, an exhibition that displays the museum's outstanding fossil collections in an immersive environment. Many changes to the building's structure were required during the Dinosaurs project, including the reorganization of some departmental spaces. As a result, the Museum Library was moved to a new area of the building, allowing for many improvements to the housing of the library holdings. To join us on a virtual tour, click Begin!