Powdermill Nature Reserve

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Sustainable Techniques 

Powdermill’s renovated headquarters building is a showcase of environmental sustainability, design, education, and research. Several years of development and planning went into the creation of a building that is environmentally sound and functional. Numerous products and materials were selected which focus on the importance of sustainability and on creating a healthy indoor environmentexhibitions for visitors and employees.

The views from inside the building give visitors a sense of place within the natural surroundings through the use of large windows and timberwood architecture throughout the facility. High vaulted ceilings, skylights, and open spaces provide a naturally spacious atmosphere. The sound of running water emanates from the indoor Living Stream exhibit showcasing the aquatic fauna found in Powdermill Run. Visitors are greeted with the calls and songs of local birds through an interactive avian exhibit wall. A key component used throughout the building is local, natural, recycled, or sustainable building materials and products. Materials such as recycled countertops, recycled flooring, and an onsite wastewater treatment system are a few of the many sustainable features found in and around the building.