Powdermill Hunting Permits

Dear Friend:

As we have done in the past two hunting seasons, we will hold a lottery for 100 hunting permits on Powdermill’s property.

If you would like to enter the lottery, please complete the Hunting Permit Application and Waiver of Liability (sign the waiver and ask a witness to sign also) and return them to Powdermill by September 12, 2017. The lottery will be held before the end of September, and permits will be mailed afterward to eligible hunters. We are not able to hold permits for pick-up.

Best wishes to you for a safe and enjoyable hunting season.


Wenzel Signature 

John W. Wenzel, Ph.D.
Director, Powdermill Nature Reserve


Donations to Powdermill Nature Reserve are appreciated but do not represent any part of the lottery procedure. If you wish to make a donation to help support wildlife research and education programs, please make your check payable to Powdermill Nature Reserve. Thank you! 



2017 Hunting Permit Application
2017 Waiver of Liability
2017 Introductory Letter