Scientific Publications

The scientific publishing program at Carnegie Museum of Natural History was begun in 1901 under the guidance of Andrew Carnegie. William J. Holland, then the museum's director, stated in an editorial appearing in Volume 1, Number 1 of Annals of Carnegie Museum:

"The publication of the observations and discoveries of those, who form the staff of a well-organized museum, has always been recognized as a proper function of such an institution.... For the purpose of facilitating the diffusion of knowledge gained, often laboriously and at great expense, by those who are directly connected with the museum as well as to form a medium for the publication of the results of the labors of others, who are associated with them, or are pursuing inquiries along the same, or kindred lines, the Trustees of the Institute have authorized the publication of...[the] Annals...."


Today, Carnegie Museum of Natural History produces three publication series. All are dedicated to providing the findings of the research of the museum's staff and their associates to the scientific community:
Annals of Carnegie Museum
Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Special Publications of Carnegie Museum

Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum were published 1901–1937. Availability is extremely limited.

Senior Editors:

John R. Wible, PhD
John E. Rawlins, PhD

Technical Editor:

Rita M. Lee, MPM

Editorial Office:

Suzanne B. McLaren, MS
Lisa F. Miriello

Office of Scientific Publications

Edward O'Neil Research Center
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
5800 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh PA 15206 USA
Tel: 412.622.3287
Fax: 412.665.2751

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