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The Power of Poison

May 27, 2017–September 4, 2017
R.P. Simmons Family Gallery

Venture down a jungle path or step into a fairytale this summer at a new exhibition that will take you on an exciting journey through science, history, and literature. Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s summer blockbuster The Power of Poison is all about nature’s most dangerous chemicals. Your whole family can explore a tropical forest where venomous flora and fauna lurk around each corner. The adventure continues as you become a part of an enchanted scene where Snow White slumbers and witches brew something spooky in a bubbling cauldron. Kids can put on their detective hats to solve a poisoning mystery using iPads or watch illustrations magically appear at the touch of their hands as they turn the heavy, cloth pages of a giant storybook. The Power of Poison has live animals, interactive technology, and surprising science, so there is something for everyone. Grab the kids, and do not miss the most thrilling exhibition in Pittsburgh this summer.

Note: To enter The Power of Poison, you must purchase exhibition tickets at the front desk.  


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