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 We Are Nature 


We Are Nature: Living in the Anthropocene

Opening October 28, 2017
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Free with museum admission


Discover more about humanity's complex relationship with the environment and add your voice to the conversation in We Are Nature—the first exhibition in North America to focus on the Anthropocene.

The Anthropocene is the current geological era in which humans are making a profound impact on the geological strata. While the term itself is still being debated by geologists, the museum is embracing it as a social and cultural tool for exploring the broad sum effect humans are having on the planet.

Explore the Anthropocene for yourself as an era and a concept. Wander through a “human diorama” to contemplate the impact that our everyday lives have on a complicated and fragile ecosystem.

Examine evidence of this new era observed in taxidermy, minerals, and more from the museum’s hidden collection that Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s scientific staff selected to exemplify the Anthropocene. Each object tells a story of climate change, pollution, extinction, habitat alteration, or modification at the hands of humanity. Positive stories about humanity helping and repairing ecosystems are also highlighted in the exhibition. Learn how the natural has been modified into the post-natural, and find out about the results, both intentional and accidental.

Interact with engaging exhibits designed to incorporate you into the local and global conversation about the Anthropocene. Digitally explore one of our oldest collections kept in The Alcohol House to understand how museum collections change over time. Cast your vote, as sobering as it may be, on the next celebrity animal extinction, and share your reactions to the Anthropocene.

Get inspired by exhibits that connect you to the issues that you care about and to local organizations that you are interested in who are already doing their part to make the relationship between humans and the environment more positive. Touch-screen interactives and special in-gallery activities will leave you feeling inspired and ready to act in the age of humanity.



We Are Nature is presented by Highmark, with leadership support provided by Colcom Foundation. Major support is provided by The Charity Randall Foundation, with additional support by Ronald J. and Mary Ann Zdrojkowski and John K. Orndorff, Jr.

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Kwel' Hoy 

Kwel’ Hoy: We Draw the Line! Totem Pole Blessing

Opening October 25, 2017
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Free with museum admission

Carnegie Museum of Natural History is hosting the traveling exhibition Kwel’ Hoy: We Draw the Line!, which explores the struggle of Indigenous leadership to protect water, land, and our collective future.

For the last five years, the House of Tears Carvers and members of the Lummi Nation have traveled across North America with a hand-carved totem pole to raise awareness about threats to the environment and public health. As the pole travels, it draws a line between dispersed but connected concerns, helping to build an unprecedented alliance of tribal and non-tribal communities as they stand together to advocate for a sustainable relationship between humanity and the natural world.

The Lummi, also known as Lhaq’temish or People of the Sea, are the original inhabitants of Washington’s northernmost coast and southern British Columbia.

In this exhibition, the totem pole enters a museum for the first time, where it is paired with a collection of artifacts collected along the route of the Totem Pole Journey. Charged with the stories of resilience they have picked up on their journey across the country, they connect the museum—and the museum public—to the living universe in which they are enmeshed.

Kwel’ Hoy: We Draw the Line! was created by the House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation and The Natural History Museum, a mobile and pop-up museum initiated by Not An Alternative, a collective of artists, scientists and scholars.